Every component we deliver to our customer is carefully inspected by our quality personal. These inspections guarantee the highest standards of quality for raw material, surface finish, dimensional, and geometry tolerances. At IGT, quality is monitored by experienced experts with an eye for detail. This is the quality our customers have come to count on.

Quality Control Equipments

Profile Projector- Deltronic Optical Comparator (PH216-612R)
- Deltronic Optical Comparator (PH216-612R)
- Sin Po Horizontal profile Projector (JT25)
- Easson EP-1 Projector (EP-1)
0.50~100.00Carbide Block Gauge Set
0.3~1.525, 1.30~4.980, 5.00~9.980, 10.00~13.980 & etc- Pin Gauge
- Dial Test Indicator
Coordinate Measuring (CMM)- WENZEL (CMM) XO55
- Hexagon Metrology CMM (Global Performance 03.04.03)
Measuring Microscope- OLYMPUS Power Scope (STM-UM)
- WILSON Profile Scope (U2545)
Height Gauge - TRISMOS Mestra (M300MA) (Switzerland)
- TRISMOS V9 (Switzerland)